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Begging Doggy

     For Christmas my husband and i decided to get a couple of german shepherd puppies, well we always like to do our home work on anything we get our selfs into.
     We did not know very much about the breed as far as training so we looked around on the internet to gather some information, THATS WHEN IT ALL HAPPEND,
     I ended up at the LEERBURG  website, it looked like this guy new alot about the German Shepherd Breed, (after all he did have dvds he made) .
     So being the very responsible person that i am i decided to purchase 4 of his dvd, 
                            I bought
1. your puppy 8 weeks to 8 months
2. raising a working puppy
3. puppy bite dvd
4. focus,drive, and training
     At christmans one of my friends bought me
1. your puppy 8 weeks to 8 months
2. raising a working puppy
    So as you see i ended up with 2 sets of the same dvds, i never did open those, i figured i would leave them sealed up and just sell them on ebay, after all they were "Brand New".

     I put the 2 dvds that i recieved for Christmas on ebay, and i did end up with a really good price, (little less than ed sells them for).....
     the transaction went pretty smooth, except for the one that bought "Your puppy 8 weeks to 8 months"... i did not here from him and thought he didnt want it...
     So i sent out a second chance offer to go to the next high bidder( second chance offers only last 24 hours) and only goes to people that has bid and lost)
     I didn't here from those people either, about 2days later i heard from the guy who won the dvd, he said his paypal wouldnt go thru and wanted to send me a  money order, of course being the nice person i am i said that was fine, i recieved the money and sent the dvd, all was good there, we all left each other positive feedback, and we were all happy.

Now this is were it starts getting interesting

     Now i watched those dvd, i was not impressed in anyway shape or form, i decieded that ed frawley was a idiot, and i was kicking my self in the butt for wasting all that money on them..
    so i put them on ebay i listed 2 got the money and sent them off  everybody left good feedback, then i listed the other 2 sold them all is going well, left the good feedback, Then! boom! ther it was, the email from "expert ed"


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